Queen Mother and Princess of Bhutan


On 19th May, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito, HIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Princess Aiko met with HM Queen Mother Tshering Yangdonat and HRH Princess Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck of Bhutan at Crown Prince Residence.


On 20th May, HM Emperor Aihito and HM Empress Michiko also met with them at Imperial Residence.

Photo from Sankei


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2 responses to “Queen Mother and Princess of Bhutan

  1. Yuki

    Would have liked to see the count princess in the photos. Beautiful outfits. It suits women of status to wear bright colours like the Queen Elizabeth of UK so she can be easily spotted in a crowd.

  2. Murphy

    Ok so the Queen Mother is literally the mother of the current King, and the Princess is the current King’s half sister–and technically his maternal cousin too as their mothers were both full sisters and sister wives. That is quite interesting.

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