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Osaka Visit of Princess Takamado


From 27th February to 28th February, HIH Princess Hisako of Takamado visited Osaka Prefecture to attend the award ceremony of The 9th Japan Bio Venture Awards.



Photo from Sankei

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The Duke of Cambridge


On 27th February, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko held the luncheon for HRH The Duke of Cambridge of United Kingdom at Imperial Residence.



HRH The Duke of Cambridge also met with HIH Crown Prince Naruhito and HIH Crown Princess Masako at Crown Prince Residence.

Photo from Asahi


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Fukuoka Visit of Princess Akishino


From 26th February to 27th February, HIH Princess Kiko of Akishino visited Fukuoka Prefecture to attend the 66th National Convention of Anti-Tuberculosis.


The facility providing early childhood education and care in Sue Town


Training Session of Anti-Tuberculosis

Photo fro Fukuoka Prefecture

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President of Poland


On 26th February, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko met with HE Mr Bronislaw KOMOROWSKI, President of the Republic of Poland and his wife at Imperial Residence.




Photo from Sankei

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Ikebana Exhibition


On 26th February, HIH Princess Hanako of Hitachi visited the Exhibition of Ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement) marking the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Ohara Style of Ikebana took place at Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo. HIH Princess Hanako is the Honorary President of Japan Ikebana Art Association.

HIH Princess Hisako of Takamado also visited the exhibition on that day.


Photo from Sankei

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Jogging on Public Road


On 25th February, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito jogged on the public road around Imperial Palace. The road around Imperial Palace is the popular place for jogging.
It is first time since 2008 for HIH Crown Prince Naruhito to jog on public road. HIH Crown Prince usually jogs inside Akasaka Goyouchi (Akasaka Imperial Estate).


Photo from Asahi

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Crown Prince turned 55


On 23rd February, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito turned 55 years old.
On the occasion of the birthday, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito attended the Press Conference took place at Crown Prince Residence.


Photo from Asahi

Crown prince notes significance of turning 55

Text from The Japan News

Crown Prince Naruhito underscored the significance of turning 55 on Monday, the age when his father, the Emperor, acceded to the throne.

In a press conference to mark his birthday, the Crown Prince said, “I find it sobering to reach the age when the Emperor took the throne and I am overcome by deep emotion.”

He said he has always tried to give thought to the path walked by past Emperors and also to the constitutional clause that defines the Emperor as a symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.

He pledged to continue efforts to pursue the ideal for the symbolic status of the Emperor, learning from the same efforts by the Emperor and Empress.

With this year marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Crown Prince Naruhito said, “It is very painful to think about the fact that many precious lives were lost in the war and that many people had hard times and very sad experiences during the war.”

“I think it is important to look humbly back on the past and accurately hand down the distressing experiences as well as the history that Japan has gone through,” he also said.

The crown prince said he has shared what he knows about the war with his 13-year-old daughter, Princess Aiko. He also said there are times when Princess Aiko listens to stories about the war directly from the Emperor and Empress, her grandparents.

Regarding the annals of Emperor Showa, which were released by the Imperial Household Agency last year, the crown prince said, “They allowed me to think of the diligent efforts made by Emperor Showa in performing his duty and how much he cared about the Japanese people for more than 60 years amid turbulent times.”

Emperor Showa acceded to the throne in 1926 at the age of 25, becoming the head of state at that time, and was involved in deciding national policies during the war. His position was redefined as symbolic after the war under the pacifist constitution that came into force in 1947.

Elsewhere in the press conference, Crown Prince Naruhito said he hopes that his 51-year-old wife, Crown Princess Masako, who is in the process of recovering her health, will take her time to gradually and carefully expand the range of her activities.


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Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Prize


On 20th February, HIH Prince Masahito and HIH Princess Hanako of HItachi attended the award ceremony of Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Prize took place in Tokyo.

Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund was established in 1968 by Princess Kikuko of Takamatsu (1911-2004) and HIH Prince Masahito is the current President of the Fund.


Photo from Sankei

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Emir of Qatar


On 20th February, HIM Emperor Akihito met with HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al- Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar at Imperial Palace.


After the audience, HIM Emperor Akihito held the luncheon at Imperial Palace. HIH Crown Prince Naruhito and HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishino also attended the luncheon.


Photo from Sankei and Asahi

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Miyasama International Ski Marathon


From 14th February to 15th February, HIH Princess Akiko of Mikasa visited Hokkaido Prefecture to participate in The 38th Miyasama International Ski Marathon took place in Biei Town.
HIH Princess Akiko skied 10km for the first time.

You can see some photos of HIH Princess Akiko at the relaxed reception at Hokkaido Kudasai.

Photo from Hokkaido Shimbun

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