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Okinawa Visit


From 26th June to 27th June, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko visited Okinawa Prefecture mainly to commemorate the victims of World War II.

AS20140626004455_commOn 26th June, Their Majesties visited National Okinawa Cemetery for War Dear in Itoman City.

AS20140626004458_commHIM Empress wore the hat with sea hibiscus, the flower which is clustered mainly in Okinawa. Sea hibiscus is also the symbol flower of HIH Princess Kako of Akishinonomiya.


On 27th June, Their Majesties visited the cenotaph for the victims of the tragedy of Tsushima Maru in Naha City. Tsushima Maru was a Japanese passenger/cargo ship that was sunk by the submarine USS Bowfin during World War II, while carrying hundreds of evacuating schoolchildren from Okinawa Prefecture to Kagoshima Prefecture. Their Majesties visited the cenotaph to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the tragedy.






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President of Paraguay


On 24th June, HIM Emperor Akihito met with HE. Mr. Horacio CARTES, President of the Republic of Paraguay at Imperial Residence.


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Back to Japan


On 23rd June, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito came back to Japan from Switzerland. HIH Crown Princess Masako welcomed him at Crown Prince Residence in Tokyo.


On 19th June, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito attended the welcoming ceremony held by the government and the luncheon held by HE Mr. Didier BURKHALTER, President of Swiss Confederation.

AS20140618005514_commCenter of RAGA (Air Rescue) / 18th June


with Japanese in Switzerland / 18th June

AS20140620001476_commEthnographic museum in Neuchâtel / 19th June


From 20th June to 21st June, HIH Crown Prince stayed in Interlaken. On 20th June, HIH Crown Prince attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Japanese modern art “Japan Art Today” held in Interlaken.

1403533532090Schynige Platte Alpine garden / 21st June

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Brazil, Columbia, France


On 18th June, HIH Princess Hisako of Takamadonomiya departed for Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic of Colombia and French Republic.
In Brazil, she is going to watch the World Cup soccer game as the honorary president of Japan Football Association.
In Columbia, she is going to visit Colombian Football Federation. In France, she is going to attend the event of International Kyudo Federation as the honorary president of the federation. She will be back to Japan on 24th June.

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Grave Visit


On 18th June, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko visited the grave of Prince Katura.
HIH Prince Takahito, HIH Princess Yuriko and HIH Princess Akiko of Mikasanomiya welcomed Their Majesties.



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Switzerland Visit


On 17th June, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito started a weeklong official trip in Switzerland to commemorate the 150th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties.

The trip at the invitation of the Switzerland government marks the first official visit to the country by HIH Crown Prince, who is honorary president of Japan’s celebrations committee.

PN2014061801000832.-.-.CI0003HIH Crown Prince arrived at Zurich airport. He will move to Berne and stay there until 19th June. HIH Crown Prince will then attend a welcoming ceremony in Neuchatel on 18th June as well as a luncheon hosted by HE Mr Didier Burkhalter, the President of Swiss Confederation.

imp14061401150003-p1 Before the visit, on 13th June, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito attended the press conference.


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Funeral for Prince Katsura


On 17th June, the main funeral service for Prince Yoshihito of Katsuranomiya (Prince Katsura) was held at Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery in Tokyo. About 560 dignitaries including the members of Imperial Family attended the funeral. In line with custom, Their Majesties did not attend the funeral but sent messengers including the grand steward of the Imperial Household Agency.



The funeral cortege





During the ceremony, a eulogy to the late prince was read.
After the messengers from Their Majesties bowed to pay their respects, HIH Princess Akiko went up to the altar and offered a tree branch. HIH Princess Akiko, the niece of Prince Katsura acted out the duty of chief mourner.


HIH Prince Takahito and HIH Princess Yuriko of Mikasanomiya moved to the altar in wheelchairs before standing to pay respects to their son.



Other attendees including HIH Crown Prince and HIH Crown Princess followed.



Many people lined up at the cemetery after the ceremony ended as members of the general public were given a chance to pay their respects to the late prince.


After the funeral, the prince’s body became cremated at the crematorium in Shinjuku Ward before his ashes are interred at a stone chamber next to the resting place of his older brother, Prince Tomohito(1946-2012).


HIH Princess Akiko at the grave of Prince Katsura

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On 17th June, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko attended the opening ceremony of The 16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists held in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


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The Wake for Prince Katsura


On 15th June, the wake for Prince Yoshihito of Katsuranomiya (Prince Katsura) was held at Akasaka East Residence, the shared facility for Imperial Family.

AS20140615002092_comm Before the wake, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko made a condolence visit to Akasaka East Residence. As customary, Their Majesty refrain from attending the related mourning ceremonies of other members of Imperial Family including the wake.

AS20140615002836_commHIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Crown Prince Naruhito

AS20140615002127_commHIH Princess Kiko and HIH Prince Fumihito

AS20140615002146_commHIH Princess Mako

AS20140615002154_commHIH Princess Hanako and HIH Prince Masahito

AS20140615002860_commHIH Princess Yuriko, the mother of Prince Katsura

AS20140615002133_commHIH Princess Hisako

AS20140615002842_commThe Altar

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Organization of Disabled People


On 9th June, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko attended the ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of establishment of Social Welfare Foundations, Nationwide Association for Children (Persons) with Severe Physical and Intellectual Disabilities held in Tokyo.
Their Majesties are now in 5-days-mourning for Prince Katsura since 8th June, but interrupted the mourning to do scheduled official duty.


On that day, Their Majesties visited Akasaka East Common to make a call of condolence for Prince Katsura again.

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