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Exhibition of Orchid


On 30th May, HIH Princess Hisako of Takamadonomiya visited the 54th exhibition of Japan Amateurs Orchid Society held in Tokyo.
At the exhibition, HIH Princess Hisako got a pat on the back by people for the engagement of HIH Princess Noriko, the daughter of HIH Princess Hisako.





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Cocoon Harvesting


On 30th May, HIM Empress Michiko harvested cocoon which Her Majesty had cultivated at the silkworm factory inside Imperial Palace.

The silk which cultivated by Her Majesty will be used for the reparation of old treasures of imperial family or the presents for the foreign guests.




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Princess Noriko got engaged


On 27th May, Imperial Household Agency announced that HIH Princess Noriko of Takamadonomiya had become engaged to Mr. Kunimaro Senge, the eldest son of the chief priest of Izumo-taisha grand shrine in Shimane Prefecture. The wedding will be held in Izumo Taisha around October.
HIH Princess Noriko and Mr. Senge attended the press conference at Imperial Household Agency.




The Yomiuri Shimbun

Princess Noriko, second daughter of Princess Hisako of Takamado, has become informally engaged to the eldest son of the chief priest of Izumo Taisha grand shrine in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, the Imperial Household Agency announced Tuesday.

Princess Noriko, 25, is a granddaughter of Prince Mikasa, 98, who is an uncle of the Emperor; she is also a great granddaughter of Emperor Taisho.

The engagement between Princess Noriko and Kunimaro Senge, 40, will become formal after “Nosai no gi,” a traditional rite of betrothal, scheduled for July. The wedding will be held in Izumo Taisha around October, according to the agency.

On Tuesday morning, Princess Noriko and her mother, Princess Hisako, 60, met the Emperor and Empress at the Imperial Palace and reported the unofficial engagement to them.

“I’m happy that I can now announce our planned engagement after receiving permission from the Emperor,” Princess Noriko said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. She said the Emperor and Empress gave her “warm words,” which she will refrain from making public.

Asked what impression her fiance made on her, she said: “He is generous and sincere. I hope we will have a cheerful and happy family.”

Senge said: “She is warmhearted and kind. We want to build a home of endless smiles.”

Princess Noriko was born on July 22, 1988, the second daughter of the late Prince Takamado and Princess Hisako. She studied at Gakushuin Primary School, Gakushuin Girls’ Junior & Senior High School and Gakushuin University. During her middle and high school days, she actively engaged in theater activities. At university, she majored in psychology and has served in official duties of the Imperial Household since graduation.

Watching ballet and theater, and listening to music are among her favorite pastimes. She has two sisters; Princess Tsuguko, 28 and Princess Ayako, 23. Her father, Prince Takamado, died in November 2002 when she was 14.

Senge was born on Sept. 2, 1973, the eldest son of Takamasa Senge, the 71-year-old chief priest of Izumo Taisha, and his wife Ayako, 64.

The Senge family has been in charge of rituals at the shrine for generations. Senge studied Shinto at Kokugakuin University and has served as a priest at multiple shrines, including Iwashimizu Hachimangu shrine in Kyoto, after graduating from university.

He is currently holds the position of “negi” senior priest at Izumo Taisha. He takes photographs as a hobby.


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Memorial Service for the War Dead


On 26th May, HIH Princess Mako of Akishinonomiya attended the memorial service for the unidentified war dead held at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery in Tokyo.



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Prime Minister of Bangladesh


On 26th May, HIM Emperor Akihito met with HE Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh at Imperial Palace.


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Rice Planting


On 23rd May, HIM Emperor Akihito planted rice at the rice field inside Imperial Palace. His Majesty plants rice every year in keeping with the religious tradition.

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Goodbye Party for Hat Designer

AS20140519003229_commOn 19th May, HIM Empress Michiko attended privately the Goodbye Party for Akio Hirata, who is the Hat Designer died on 19th March. Akio Hirata had designed hats for Her Majesty since 1966. Her Majesty wore the hat designed by Akio Hirata for the Goodbye Party.




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Exhibition of Ikebana


On 15th May, HIH Princess Hanako of Hitachinomiya visited Utsunomiya City, Tochi Prefecture and attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Ikebana (Japanese traditional flower arrangement). HIH Princess Hanako is the honorary president of Japan Ikebana Association.




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Japanese Red Cross Society


On 15th May, HIM Empress Michiko as the honorary president of Japanese Red Cross Society attended the Annual National Convention of Japanese Red Cross Society held in Tokyo.
HIH Princess Kiko of Akishinonomiya and HIH Princess Hisako of Takamadonomiya as the honorary vice presidents of Japanese Red Cross Society also attended the convention.



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Prime Minister of Israel


On 13th May, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko met with HE Mr. Benjamin NETANYAHU, Prime Minister of the State of Israel and his wife at Imperial Palace.


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