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Transfer of Goddess


On 2nd October, the Transfer ceremony of Ise Jingu Grand Shrine was held in Mie Prefecture. Ise Jingu enshrines the Goddess named Amaterasu Omikami which is considered as an ancestor of Imperial Family. The shrine pavilions of Ise Jingu are rebuilt once every 20 years and Gods transfer from the old to the new.
Ms. Atsuko Ikeda, the elder sister of HIM Emperor Akihito and Ms. Sayako Kuroda, the daughter of HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko led the ceremonies. Ms. Ikeda is 82 years old and the head priest of Ise Jingu since 1988 and Ms. Kuroda is the temporary head priest to support Ms. Ikeda since 2012.


HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishinonomiya attended the transfer ceremony as the representative of Imperial Family.
HIM Emperor Akihito and members of Imperial Family also pray to the Gods of Ise Jingu at that time from Tokyo.

1380949016391Ms. Sayako Kuroda


new pavillion for Amaterasu Omikami


Ms. Atsuko Ikeda, the head priest of Ise Jingu

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