IMPERIAL FAMILY OF JAPAN is the website introducing the activities of Japanese Imperial Family.

Copyright of all photos belongs to other news websites mainly Asahi, Sankei, Yomiuri and 47news.


Photo from Imperial Household Agency

Genealogy (Imperial Household Agency Website)

Personal Histories (Imperial Household Agency Website)

4 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Hi there, I’d love to talk to you about an article I’m writing for a New York Magazine on the Imperial Family of Japan. Could you email me back at abbys@papermag.com?

  2. Johannus Verhoeff

    Hi, I am a master-artist in the style of Caravaggio and Vermeer a would like to contact the imperial family to offer my services, how do i do this and what would be a contact email?

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, has this website/blog ceased?

  4. Olrik

    Has the shock of a new Era caused some paralysis of coverage? I would like to see a lot more about Empress Masako who seems to be rising to the challenge!

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