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Academic Prizes

On 7th February, HIH Prince Fumihito and HIH Princess Kiko of Akishino attended the 14th Award Ceremony of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Prize and Japan Academy Young Researcher’s Award and the reception took place in Tokyo.

Photo from Asahi


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Kanto Tokai Flower Exhibition

On 2nd February, HIH Princess Nobuko of Mikasa and HIH Princess Ayako of Takamado visited the 67th Kanto Tokai Flower Exhibition took place in Tokyo.

On that day, HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishino also visited the exhibition.

Photo from Sankei

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Send-off Ceremony for Olympic and Paralympic

On 24th January, HIH Prince Fumihito and HIH Princess Kiko of Akishino attended the send-off ceremony for the Japanese national team for The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games took place in Tokyo.

Photo from Asahi

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Imperial New Year’s Poetry Reading

On 12th January, the members of Imperial Family attended the Ceremony of the Utakai Hajime (Imperial New Year’s Poetry Reading) took place at Imperial Palace.

Waka Poems by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Princess

Text from Imperial Household Agency

Theme for the New Year’s Poetry Reading (2018) : GO (WORD)

His Majesty the Emperor

In the garden
Conversing with each other
On our morning walk
We come across in the woods
Blossoms of kinran* blooming.

(Background of the poem)
Their Majesties the Emperor and the Empress take a stroll together in the garden of the Imperial Residence early every morning as part of Their daily routine. On Sundays, They go as far as the East Gardens and walk around the gardens of Ninomaru and Honmaru. In this poem, His Majesty recalls seeing kinran in the course of Their walk in the springtime in the grove of the Ninomaru garden.

*Kinran, or helleborine, Cephalanthera falcata, is a woodland orchid, with small yellow flowers, which blooms from mid-April to mid-May.

*Honmaru is the site of the main compound of the Edo Castle.

*Ninomaru is the site of another compound on the east side of Honmaru, where a garden was laid out, using surface soil brought from a grove in the suburbs of Tokyo. The soil contained the seeds and roots of plants, insect eggs and soil organisms, which explains the existence of kinran in the Ninomaru Grove.

Her Majesty the Empress

On Your shoulders
Pours the early spring sunlight
Softly and gently
O, such a heavy burden
You bore, saying so little.

(Background of the poem)
His Majesty the Emperor has devoted Himself over the years to pursuing His life as the symbol of the state, fulfilling His heavy responsibilities quietly as a matter of course, without saying much. In this poem, Her Majesty the Empress expresses how, beholding His Majesty standing in the warm sunlight of early spring, She reflected on the path His Majesty has followed until now.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince

I prayed for the happiness of the people
who had settled down in the reconstructed homes,
Listening to them talk of their lives after the disaster

(Background of the poem)
His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, together with Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess, visited Yuriage Chuo Daiichi Danchi (the central apartment complex No.1) in the Yuriage area of Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, in November 2017. There, Their Imperial Highnesses received a briefing on the situation of the reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as the progress in the construction of public housing for the disaster victims. Then they conversed with the people affected by the disaster who had moved into the new public housing.
His Imperial Highness was relieved to hear that the reconstruction work had made steady progress, and the environment for the disaster affected people to live in peace had been improving. This poem depicts His Highness’s thoughts over the hardships of the people who suffered from the disaster and his sincere prayer for the happiness of each of them in their days ahead.

Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess

How relieved was I
To hear hopeful words
Coming from the people
in their new homes in Yuriage

(Background of the poem)
Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess, together with His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, visited the disaster affected areas in Miyagi prefecture last November. The Yuriage area in Natori City, which was severely damaged by the tsunami, was one of these places. During the visit, she felt relieved to hear words of hope from the people who had moved into new public housing where their living environment is improving, helping them to find new hope for the future.
This waka poem was composed to express her feelings at the time, recalling the hardships that many people had to endure after the great earthquake and tsunami, and wishing for further reconstruction of the area.

Photo from Nikkei and Mainichi


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Imperial New Year’s Lectures

On 10th January, the members of Imperial Family attended the Ceremony of Kosho Hajime (Imperial New Year’s Lectures) took place at Imperial Palace.

This is a ceremony in which Their Majesties listen to experts’ explanations in the fields of human, social and natural sciences in their respective field.

The Ceremony of the Kousho Hajime was instituted in 1869 with a “lecture for the New Year” designed for the enlightenment of studies by Emperor Meiji. In those early days, lectures concentrated on Japanese and Chinese texts, and subsequently came to include western texts. From 1953 the explanations in the above-mentioned three fields came to be instituted.

It was the first time for HIH Crown Princess Masako to attend the Ceremony since 2003.

Photo from Asahi

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New Year’s Greeting

On 2nd January, HM Emperor Akihito and the other members of Imperial Family appeared 5 times at People’s Greeting of New Year at Imperial Palace. About 126,720 people gathered at Imperial Palace and it is the largest number of the visitors during the reign of HM Emperor Akihito (1989-).

HIH Crown Princess Masako

HIH Princess Mako

HIH Princess Mako, HIH Princess Yuriko, HIH Princess Nobuko, HIH Princess Akiko

HIH Princess Yuriko stood up from her wheelchair

Photo from Asahi1 and 2

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New Year’s Celebration

On 1st January 2018, the members of Imperial Family attended the Ceremony of New Year’s Celebration took place at Imperial Palace.

It is the ceremony that Their Majesties Emperor and Empress receive greetings from the other members of Imperial Family; the Speaker and Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President and Vice-President of the House of Councillors; Diet members; the Prime Minister; Ministers of State; the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court; other government officials with Imperial attestation; Administrative Vice-Ministers of Ministries and Agencies and other leading figures of legislative, executive and judicial organs; prefectural governors and chairpersons of prefectural assemblies; and heads of diplomatic missions to Japan and their spouses. This ceremony is considered a state event.

It is the last time for HIH Princess Mako to attend the ceremony before her marriage.

HIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Princess Aiko also visited Imperial Palace to greet Their Majesties.

Photo from Asahi

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Celebration of the Emperor’s Birthday

On 23rd December, the ceremonies to celebrate the 84th birthday of HM Emperor Akihito took place at Imperial Palace.

Greeting the Public


Tea Party with the ambassadors

Photo from Asahi1, 2 and 3

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Wakayama Visit of Akishino Family

On 5th December, HIH Prince Fumihito, HIH Princess Kiko and HIH Prince Hisahito of Akishino visited the biological museum in Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

Photo from Asahi

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Prince Akishino turns 52

On 30th November, HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishino turned 52 years old.

Prince Akishino says he’s ‘relieved’ abdication law was enacted for Emperor

Text from Japan Times

Prince Akishino, the younger son of Emperor Akihito, turned 52 on Thursday, and said he is “relieved” that an abdication law was enacted in June to allow the Emperor to pass the throne to his elder son, Crown Prince Naruhito.

“I hope (Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko) will spend time relaxing” after the 83-year-old Emperor’s abdication, Prince Akishino said at a news conference on Nov. 22, prior to his birthday.

At the same time, Prince Akishino dismissed concerns over possible dual authority between the new and old monarchs.

“I can say clearly that it is impossible” that there would be dual authority, as the Emperor plans to pass on all of his public duties to the new Emperor, he said.

Concerns over the possible dual authority arose with details of the post-retirement roles for Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko remaining undefined. Historically, Japan has seen ample cases of emperors exercising considerable political authority after they retired.

After the Emperor’s abdication, and once his older brother ascends to the throne, Prince Akishino will become first in line. Regarding his hopes, the prince said, “As it is unprecedented, there are many things that I cannot imagine. I presume (the new duties) would be done through trial and error.”

The prince said he hopes to take on the duties executed by Crown Prince Naruhito “as much as possible.” But concerning who will take on his own current duties, the prince said he needs to consult with the Crown Prince.

Regarding his eldest daughter, Princess Mako, 26, and her fiance and former university classmate, Kei Komuro, Prince Akishino said his impression of Komuro is that the fiance is “extremely honest.”

“I have met him a number of times but my impression of him has not changed,” the prince said.

The prince’s wife, Princess Kiko, 51, who also attended the press conference said Komuro had played the piano the other day after she requested it. “We shared time relaxing, listening to the gentle sound,” she said.

“I sincerely hope that the two will build and experience a happy life together,” Princess Kiko added. The couple’s wedding will be held next Nov. 4.

The prince said that he hopes to respect future decisions by his 22-year-old second daughter, Princess Kako, regarding marriage, as he has with Princess Mako. Princess Kako is now studying in Britain.

Photo from Asahi1 and 2

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