New Year’s Poetry Reading


On 14th January, Ceremony of Utakai-Hajime (New Year’s Poetry Reading) took place at Imperial Palace.
The Ceremony of Utakai Hajime is a ceremony to read a collection of poems on a common theme. This year’s theme was “Hon (the alphabet which means book or origin).”
The poems including those chosen from submissions by the general public, poems of the selectors themselves, poems by professional poets and poems of Imperial Family were recited.

Imperial Household Agency released the English translation of the poems of Emperor, Empress, Crown Prince and Crown Princess at Imperial Household Agency Website.






Photo from Sankei and Asahi


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5 responses to “New Year’s Poetry Reading

  1. Are their Imperial Highnesses, the Royal Ladies, ever seen using the fans they carry or are they simply for ceremony?

  2. Emma

    Hi. When was the last time that HIH Princess Nobuko attended new year’s celebration, greeting, imperial lectures and poetry reading?

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