Final Garden Party

On 9th November, the Autumn Imperial Garden Party held by Their Majesties Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko took place at Akasaka Imperial Garden in Tokyo.
It became the last time for Their Majesties to hold the Imperial Garden Party before the abdication of His Majesty.

Photo from Asahi


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5 responses to “Final Garden Party

  1. Lianne

    Will we ever see the Emperor couple at events again after the abdication? Like how the now Princess Beatrix sometimes has public outings.

  2. allezfred

    Why don’t the royal men wear kimonos? Why do they wear western morning suits instead?

  3. Cheshire

    Oh wow. The Abdication is coming up so quickly. I wish Their Majesties a happy and peaceful retirement that they can spend enjoying each other and their children and grand children. I wish a peaceful and hopeful transition for the Crown Prince and Princess.

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