Departed for France

On 7th September, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito departed for French Republich. The members of Imperial Family gave him a send-off at Crown Prince Residence.

Photo from Asahi



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4 responses to “Departed for France

  1. YUKO

    They should have let Masako go as well with her husband. Silly. She is far better and more capable than Meghan Markle and the British palace is going to let her represent them in overseas soon.

    • Olrik

      Yes, I agree. She went to a wedding in Europe by herself a few years back and did just fine…

      • Avery

        When? I think Masako’s last trip overseas was Tonga in 2015. Princess Hisako (Princess Takamado) attended the royal weddings in Sweden.

        I wish Masako could have gone to France.

  2. Olrik

    Touché, my mistake…

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