Ceremony of Engagement

On 12th August, the Ceremony of Official Engagement “Nosai-no-Gi” for HIH Princess Ayako of Takamado and Mr Kei Moriya took place at the Residence of Takamado in Tokyo.

“Nosai-no-Gi” is the traditional ceremony that the representative of the expected fiance gifts a pair of sea breams, 3 bottles of sake and 2 rolls of silk fabric to the princess.

After the Ceremony, HIH Princess Hisako and HIH Princess Ayako visited Imperial Residence to report Their Majesties the Emperor and the Empress that Nosai-no-Gi finished.

Mr Kei Moriya and Mr Osamu Moriya, the Father of Mr Kei Moriya also visited Imperial Residence to meet with Their Majesties for the first time. At the evening, Mr Kei Moriya and Mr Osamu Moriya are invited to the dinner at the Residence of Takamado.

On that day, Imperial Household Agency released some photos of HIH Princess Ayako and Mr Kei Moriya.

Photo from Asahi and Mainichi


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2 responses to “Ceremony of Engagement

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  2. A Lovely Couple!! I hope they have a Wonderful Wedding and a Happy Life!!

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