King and Queen of Sweden Vol.2

On 24th April, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito and HIH Crown Princess Masako had lunch with HM the King Carl XVI Gustaf and HM the Queen Silvia of the Kingdom of Sweden at Palace Hotel Tokyo.

Photo from Sankei


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2 responses to “King and Queen of Sweden Vol.2

  1. Ron

    HIH Crown Princess Masako is indeed most charming!

  2. Yuko

    Crown Princess looking nice. Nice hair and suit. Good to see her working together with husband. Should do this more often. Much nicer to look at than the boring sister in law.
    She should learn from her contemporaries like
    Queen Maxima, Princess Mary, Queen Rania and Queen Letizia and dress in more variety of clothes. She should wear more outfits by Japanese designers and perhaps some international contemporary ones. Sometimes bespoke, haute couture and sometimes simpler high street ones. It would help the Japanese fashion industry. Also she should not hide who she is. A modern, well educated, accomplished and intelligent lady. Young girls need such role models instead of Paris Hilton.

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