Crown Prince Naruhito turns 58

On 23rd February, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito turned 58 years old.
On the occasion of his birthday, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito atended the Press Conference took place at Crown Prince Residence.

Japan’s Crown Prince turns 58

Text from NHK World

Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito turned 58 on Friday. He will ascend the throne on May 1st of next year, one day after Emperor Akihito abdicates.
He held a news conference ahead of his birthday at his residence in central Tokyo.
The Crown Prince said he feels deeply moved and has a sense of respect for the Emperor and Empress when he reflects again on the paths they have taken.
The Crown Prince said he will keep the figures of the Emperor and Empress firmly in his heart and will always remember them when engaging in activities. He added he will also perform his duties while working hard to improve himself.
The Crown Prince talked about what an Emperor in the coming new era should be like.
He said it is important to maintain the long tradition of the Imperial Family and steadfastly fulfill the Emperor’s role as the symbol of the state, as stipulated in the Constitution.
He added that he believes another role of the Imperial Family is to think about duties in light of changes in society and act.
The Crown Prince expressed condolences to people who were affected by natural disasters in the past year. The phenomena include heavy rain in northern areas of the Kyushu region in July, the eruption of Mount Kusatsu-Shirane in January, and the heavy snow this winter.
The Crown Prince also referred to Japanese athletes at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
He said he saw gold medalists Yuzuru Hanyu and Nao Kodaira congratulate foreign rivals they have known for a long time.
The Crown Prince said he sensed deep, cross-border friendships and the presence of Japanese athletes in the world.

Photo from Asahi1, 2 and 3

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