Nara and Kyoto Visit of Crown Prince Family


From 21st July to 22nd July, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito, HIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Princess Aiko visited Nara Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture.



On 21st July, they visited the Mausoleum of Emperor Jimmu, the First Emperor of Japan in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the death of Emperor Jimmu.



On that day, they visited Kyoto Imperial Palace, the former ruling palace of the Emperor of Japan until the Meiji Restoration, when the capital functions were moved to Tokyo in 1869.

Photo from Sankei


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3 responses to “Nara and Kyoto Visit of Crown Prince Family

  1. Sharad

    Princess Masako has been looking healthy and wonderful in her recent outings.

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  3. Constance

    I am so happy to see all three of them together, and amazed how healthy and beautiful the Princess Aiko has grown up to be. She is so pretty! I’ve noticed her smiles have changed in recent years, which tells me her life has been peaceful. I am so proud that this tradition of the Imperial family has been lasting for over 2600years. Very meaningful to me. Lasting happiness to this amazing family.

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