Prince Akishino turns 50


On 30th November, HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishino turned 50.

[Article]Prince Akishino turns 50, expresses concern about empress’ health

Text from The Mainichi

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Prince Akishino, the younger son of Japan’s emperor who turned 50 on Monday, has expressed concern about his mother’s health as Empress Michiko has been diagnosed with heart trouble.

“I believe her stress is partly due to the illness of the emperor,” the prince said at a press conference on Nov. 19 prior to his birthday, referring to Emperor Akihito, who underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 2003 as well as coronary-artery bypass surgery in 2012.

His recovery from the bypass surgery “was not so fast,” the prince said, indicating that anxiety about the health of her husband caused strain on the empress.

The empress herself was diagnosed this summer with myocardial ischemia stemming from stress.

The prince said he hopes the empress can be more relaxed even with her “very restrictive life.”

With this year marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, he said it offered an opportunity to look back on the past, but added that regardless of the anniversary, “it is necessary to always remember there was the war.”

The emperor and empress, both 81, have continued commemorating those who died in the war, visiting some battle sites and meeting with people who experienced the war both at home and abroad. In April, the couple visited the Pacific island country of Palau.

“I always bear in my mind the significance of commemoration and feeling the importance of thinking of the war dead,” the prince said.

His three children are trying to learn what happened in the war, he added at the news conference, also attended by his wife, Princess Kiko.

One of their two daughters, Princess Kako, entered International Christianity University in Tokyo this spring, drawing public interest and being widely covered by the media, including tabloids and weekly magazines.

“I’ve accepted…as it is,” the prince said about his 20-year-old daughter, adding, “She appears to have a more diligent student life than her father’s.”

Photo from The Mainichi

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