This Week’s Extras

On 23rd September, the members of Imperial Family attended Shuuki-koreisai (Ceremony of ancestors that occurs on the Autumn equinox day at the Koreiden*) and Shuuki-shindensai (Ceremony of thanks to the gods that occurs on the Autumn equinox day at the Shinden**) took place at The Imperial Palace Sanctuaries.

*Koreiden: Houses the departed souls of the successive Emperors and Imperial Families, who are enshrined one year after they have passed away.

**Shinden: Enshrines various Japanese gods from throughout the country.

The Ritual Ceremonies of the Imperial Palace (Imperial Household Agency Website)


From 25th September to 26th September, HIH Princess Hisako of Takamado visited Tokushima Prefecture to attend the the 22nd Grass Ski Jumping Japan Open Takamado Cup.
HIH Princess Hisako is the President of Japan Grass Ski Association.


On 24th September, HIH Prince Fumihito and HIH Princess Kiko of Akishino visited the Mausoleums of Emperor Showa (1901-1989) and Empress Kojun (1903-2000) in Hachioji City, Tokyo.


On 26th September and 27th September, HIH Prince Fumihito of Akishino attended Tokyo HCMR Seminar September 2015 took place in Tokyo.


From 26th Septemer to 27th September, HIH Princess Nobuko of Mikasa visited Aomori Prefecture to attend the 64th National Convention of Junior Chamber International Japan. >Photo

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