Silver Wedding of Akishino Couple


On 29th June, HIH Prince Fumihito and HIH Princess Kiko released a collection of dialogue between them reflecting on their 25 years of marriage on the occasion of their silver wedding.

(Photo: The Wedding on 29th June 1990)

[Article] Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko reflect on 25 years of marriage

Text from Mainichi

Prince Akishino, 49, and Princess Kiko, 48, of Japan’s Imperial Family, have released a collection of dialogue between them reflecting on their 25 years of marriage.

The prince and princess were married on June 29, 1990, while Princess Kiko was a graduate student at Gakushuin University. Their thoughts on the 25 years since then were publically released via the Imperial Household Agency.

Though he may not often put it into words, Prince Akishino says that he has feelings of appreciation for his wife in the dialogue.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, Prince Akishino came up with the idea of releasing their reflections in dialogue form. The couple wrote their thoughts while they talked together.

The writings cover seven sections including, “How We Met,” “Wedding Day and a New Home,” and “The Children.” Princess Kiko reflected that she was “surprised” by the prince’s proposal, made as they waited at a traffic light. She also recalled she was worried that the wedding preparations wouldn’t be finished on time, as Prince Akishino was studying in Great Britain and they couldn’t keep in touch easily.

Regarding their children, the prince wrote that he received a Father’s Day card from Princess Mako, who is in Britain, and that it made him unusually happy. The princess, meanwhile, said she was moved when she received a card (with this year’s zodiac animal on it) for Mother’s Day.”

Both the prince and princess gave their evaluations of their marriage so far. Prince Akishino gave himself a very “borderline OK.” Princess Kiko also gave herself an “OK,” but said it’s an OK that includes all kinds of possibilities.

The princess then concluded by saying that she will be happy if the couple can continue to grow old together, working together toward various possibilities.

Prince Akishino received his current title upon marriage. They have three children, their daughters Mako, born in 1991, and Kako, born in 1994, and their son Hisahito, born in 2006.


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2 responses to “Silver Wedding of Akishino Couple

  1. Impy the Painter

    What a sweet gesture and then to share it with the world. I wish them many more happy years together!

  2. ingesz


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