Birthday Concert


On 26th June, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko attended the Concert celebrating the 80th birthday of Her Majesty took place at Peace Flower Music Hall inside Imperial Palace.
The other members of Imperial Family also attended the concert.


HIH Crown Prince Naruhito and HIH Crown Princess Masako


HIH Princess Kako and HIH Princess Kiko


Their Majesties


HIH Princess Kiko, HIH Princess Kako, HIH Princess Nobuko

Photo from Asahi


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2 responses to “Birthday Concert

  1. Steve Hurt

    I have a batik art depiction of the Emperor Hirohito created by the now deceased artist Dior Vargas. It appears that the Japanese Emperor was a collector of Mr. Vargas’ work and I am trying to contact the Imperial Family to see if they are interested in possibly purchasing the art. Does the Imperial Family have an email address available or is the best way to contact them with a mailed letter?

  2. KarlOtto

    I’m so glad everybody seems to be healthy and happy, especially HIH Masako.

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