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Vancouver Asahi


On 16th December, HIH Princess Hisako attended the special preview of the movie “Vancouver Asahi” took place in Tokyo.
HIH Princess is the Honorary President of Canada-Japan Society.


Photo from Cinema Today and

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Exhibition of News Photographs 2014


On 15th December, HIH Princess Hisako of Takamado visited the 55th Exhibition of News Photographs 2014 took place at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo.
HIH Princess Hisako saw the photographs including the ones of the wedding of Ms Noriko Senge, the daughter of HIH Princess Hisako.

Photo from Yomiuri

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Playing Viola


On 14th December, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito played viola at the concert of the amateur orchestra consists of alumni and alumnae of Gakushuin University took place at the Music Hall of Gakushuin University in Tokyo.
HIH Crown Prince Naruhito participates in the orchestra and appears on the stage twice a year.



Photo from Sankei

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Came back to Japan


On 13th December, HIM Empress Michiko arrived at Tokyo International Airport.

Photo from Asahi

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Funeral of Queen Fabiola


On 12th December, HIM Empress Michiko attended the state funeral of HM Queen Fabiola (1928-2014) took place at Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.

HIM Empress Michiko also attended the banquet and the luncheon held by Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.





Photo from Sankei

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Left for Belgium


On 11th December, HIM Empress Michiko left for Kingdom of Belgium to attend the funeral of HM Queen Fabiola.



Photo from Mainichi and Asahi

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Duck Netting

On 11th December, HIH Prince Masahito and HIH Princess Hanako of Hitachi invited ambassadors of 8 countries for traditional duck netting took place at Shinhama Imperial Wild Duck Preserve (Kamoba) in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.


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Art Exhibition of Disabled


On 10th December, HIH Prince Masahito of Hitachi attended the Art Exhibition of Disabled People took place in Tokyo. HIH Prince Masahito is the President of Japanese Society for Disabled Children.
HIH Prince Masahito factured his rib at Hitachinomiya Residence on 20th November and Today’s appearance is the first official appearance after the fracture.



Photo from Asahi

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Empress Michiko will visit Belgium


On 9th December, Government of Japan approved that HIM Empress Michiko visit Kingdom of Belgium from 11th December to 13th December to attend the funeral of HM Queen Fabiola. It is the second time for HIM Empress Michiko to go abroad alone.


Imperial Family of Japan and Royal Family of Belgium have strong friendship and HIM Empress Michiko had met with HM Queen Fabiola 14 times.


Their Majesties attended the funeral for King Baudouin I in 1993. It was the only case for Japanese Emperor and Empress to attend the funeral of foreign monarchy.

Photo from Sankei and vtm

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Crown Princess Masako turned 51


On 9th December, HIH Crown Princess Masako turned 51 years old.
On the occasion of the birthday, Imperial Household Agency released her comments and the opinion of the team of psychiatrists for HIH Crown Princess Masako.


HIH Crown Princess Masako visited Imperial Palace to met with HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko on the occasion of the birthday.


Photo from Sankei and Asahi

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