Annals of late Emperor Showa


On 8th September, Imperial Household Agency released the annals of the late Emperor Showa (Emperor Hirohito) chronicling details of his 87-year-long life.
The annals of Emperor Showa are made up of 61 volumes, including one for the index of contents, totaling 12,137 pages.
Events during his life are chronicled from his birthday on 29th April 1901, to his passing on 7th January 1989. The annals also include his funeral in February of that year and the registration of his grave on 30th March 1991.

Emperor Showa ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne on 25th December 1926, at the age of 25, assuming sovereignty as head of state.
He was involved in state policy decisions, including war policies, and directly made a decision to accept the Potsdam Declaration. He announced Japan’s World War II surrender by radio on 15th August 1945, and denied his divinity in his 1946 New Year’s message.
Under the nation’s new Constitution that came into effect in 1947, the emperor is now a symbol of Japan and the unity of its people.

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