The Wake for Prince Katsura


On 15th June, the wake for Prince Yoshihito of Katsuranomiya (Prince Katsura) was held at Akasaka East Residence, the shared facility for Imperial Family.

AS20140615002092_comm Before the wake, HIM Emperor Akihito and HIM Empress Michiko made a condolence visit to Akasaka East Residence. As customary, Their Majesty refrain from attending the related mourning ceremonies of other members of Imperial Family including the wake.

AS20140615002836_commHIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Crown Prince Naruhito

AS20140615002127_commHIH Princess Kiko and HIH Prince Fumihito

AS20140615002146_commHIH Princess Mako

AS20140615002154_commHIH Princess Hanako and HIH Prince Masahito

AS20140615002860_commHIH Princess Yuriko, the mother of Prince Katsura

AS20140615002133_commHIH Princess Hisako

AS20140615002842_commThe Altar

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