Condolence Visit

20140608-00000047-jijp-000-4-view On 8th June, the members of Imperial Family visited Katsuranomiya Residence in Tokyo after the death of Prince Yoshihito of Katsuranomiya (Prince Katsura). 001

Their Majesties


HIH Crown Prince and HIH Crown Princess


HIH Prince Fumihito and HIH Princess Mako of Akishinonomiya


HIH Princess Kiko, HIH Prince Hisahito, HIH Princess Mako


HIH Princess Mako, HIH Princess Kako


HIH Prince Masahito and HIH Princess Hanako of Hitachinomiya


HIH Princess Yoko, HIH Princess Akiko of Mikasanomiya


HIH Princess Hisako of Takamadonomiya


HIH Prince Takahito of Mikasanomiya, the father of Prince Katsura

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