New Year’s Greeting


On 2nd January, HIM Emperor Akihito and other members of Imperial Family appeared at People’s Greeting of New Year at Imperial Palace. Over 81,500 people gathered at Imperial Palace.

1388726107291HIH Crown Princess Masako and HIH Crown Prince Naruhito

1388723086393HIH Princess Hanako and HIH Crown Princess Masako

1388809451533HIH Princess Kiko, HIH Princess Mako and HIH Princess Akiko

1388725933018HIH Princess Kiko and HIH Princess Mako

1388723127387HIH Princess Noriko, HIH Princess Tsuguko and HIH Princess Hisako



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One response to “New Year’s Greeting

  1. Emma

    HIH Prince Takahito and HIH Princess Yuriko were also among the members who attended 2014 New Year Greeting. They can be seen on the last picture beside HIH Princess Akiko. But it seems that you haven’t tagged their names under this article.

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