Emperor Akihito turned 80

画像 1115

On 23rd December, HIM Emperor Akihito turned 80 years old.


In advance of the birthday, on 18th December, His Majesty attended the Press Conference on the occasion of his birthday at Imperial Palace. Imperial Household Agency released Questions by the Press to be answered by His Majesty on the Occasion of His Majesty’s Birthday (2013), and the Activities of the Emperor over the Past Year in English at Imperial Household Agency Website.


On 23rd December, several ceremonies celebrating the birthday were held at Imperial Palace. HIM Emperor Akihito, HIM Empress Michiko, HIH Crown Prince Naruhito, HIH Crown Princes Masako, HIH Prince Fumihito, HIH Princess Kiko and HIH Princess Mako of Akishinonomiya appeared at the People’s Greeting.


画像 1119

HIH Princess Kiko and HIH Princess Mako of Akishinonomiya from NHK News


HIH Princess Mako of Akishinonomiya


Tea Party with Ambassadors from FNN News

On the occasion of His Majesty’s Birthday, Imperial Household Agency released some never-before-published photos of His Majesty.

For example, you can see the photos of His Majesty attending Imperial Religious Ceremonies of Shintoism held inside Imperial Palace.

画像 1089

画像 1088

画像 1080

画像 1081

画像 1078

画像 1079

画像 1072

画像 1055

Photos of His Majesty signing on Administration documents at Imperial Palace.

画像 1109

画像 1108

画像 1111

Photo of His Majesty receiving a report from Mr Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan at Imperial Palace.

画像 1083

Photos of His Majesty with researchers of fish (His Majesty has been researching Gobiidae for a long time)

画像 1077

画像 1076

画像 1075


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